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Booster’s future looks promising


Booster, still in its start-up phase, completed terms for the largest round of funding it has received to date. These funds should allow them to increase the size of their staff, purchase additional delivery trucks, expand to new cities, and market their service.

Delivered more than 20 million gallons of gas to date.
$56m C Round.

Booster prides itself for proprietary software that optimizes routes utilized by its fuel truck drivers to avoid slow downs due to traffic. Touts a decreased of ##m carbon emissions

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Tangible benefits of Booster

Source: Forbes (advertisement article of sorts)

Shortening the supply chain for gasoline isn’t just more convenient for consumers. It has the potential to eliminate at least a few steps in the hazardous process of delivering fuel.

Estimated time a customer saves per fuel delivery? 20 minutes.

How does Booster work? Gasoline delivery.

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